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Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Digital PR

Inventive Data is a data-driven digital PR company. We use cutting-edge analytics to gain valuable insights to develop creative strategies and drive innovative, targeted content that journalists are eager to share.

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What We Do

We make data compelling, understandable, and shareable: We research and gather information from trusted sources to maintain a high level of authenticity.

Analyze & Research

Gather data and insights to identify digital PR opportunities. Identify key opportunities and relevant trends to reach potential customers and optimize campaigns.

Strategize & Plan

Create an effective plan and campaign strategy including objectives, audience targeting, sources, tactics, and angle.

Content Creation

Craft engaging content, including visuals, copy, blog posts, and other media to capture attention and effectively convey messages.

Distribution & Promotion

Utilize various channels, such as social media and email of top journalists, to promote content and ensure maximum engagement.

Monitoring & Optimization

Track market trends across multiple channels and gather intelligence to inform campaign creators.

Reporting & Evaluation

Track key metrics and analyze data to measure the success of campaigns and refine strategies going forward.

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How It Works

We research, analyze and create exciting stories from trustworthy online sources. We partner with top news outlets and journalists to maximize reach and impact.

Analyze Data

Our team researches and analyzes data from reliable sources to stay up-to-date with digital PR trends.

Build Relationships

We build relationships with large news outlets and thousands of top journalists in order to quickly reach a wide audience.

Create a Digital PR Campaign

Our team of experts creates influential stories based on the insights collected, maximizing reach and impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most asked questions without searching the web.

How does Inventive Data differ from other data analysis companies?

At Inventive Data we don’t just analyze data, we take the extra step and use it to create interesting and relevant stories that can be leveraged by journalists in the development of their pieces. We also go beyond traditional analytics by searching for patterns and trends related to industry developments, specific niches, and different regions. From here, our team develops informative presentations that help further business objectives.

How does Inventive Data find the data it uses?

We scour the web for information, using reliable sources and trusted third-party search tools. We analyze this data from a variety of perspectives to create meaningful insights. Our Digital PR experts then use these insights to craft influential narratives that are sure to grab the attention of journalists, SEO professionals, online marketers, and link builders alike.

What kind of data does Inventive Data use to create its reports?

Inventive Data uses a variety of sources such as government data, global search, and regional trends to create our reports. We also collect niche-specific data from experts like consultants and analysts. All this combined provides us with insights that help us craft better Digital PR campaigns.

How accurate is Inventive Data?

At Inventive Data, we take accuracy very seriously. We are committed to delivering the most robust and accurate insights in the Digital PR space. We work solely with authorized resources in order to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, our team of experienced researchers continuously reviews each piece of data before publishing them to guarantee 100% accuracy.

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Inventive Data was founded with the goal of delivering creative content that stands out from the noise and captures the attention of publishers.

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